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Dragster Stage 1

Stage 1 of our Dragster Package contains:


4130 Chromoly Tig Welded Chassis meeting SFI 2.5.

230”-245” Wheelbase.

21”-23” Inside Shoulder Hoop Width.

Strange Aluminium 9” Housing, 4130 Brackets.

Fill & Drain Plugs on Rear End Housing.

Four Link Suspension, 4130 Tube Links and XHD Rod Ends.

X Link Track Locator 1¼” x 0.095” 4130.

Splined Anti Roll Bar, Aluminium Arms, Adjusters.

Strange Single Adjustable Coilover Shocks and Springs.

Driveshaft Loop and Blowback bars for Transmission.

Streamline Aero A-arms with Strange Spindles and Arms.

Stiletto Rack and Pinion Steering.

Tie Rods and Rod Ends.

Steering Column with Safety Bush.

Steering Wheel with Strange Q/R Hub.

8” Adjustable Throttle and Brake Pedal Assembly.

Master Cylinder Mount and Pushrod, Brake line tabs.

Throttle Pedal Stop and Cable Mount.

Shifter Mount, Parachute and Lever Mount.

Aluminium Dash and Gauge Cover Panel.

Aluminium Floor and Front Bulkhead.

Fiberglass Seat on Dzus fasteners.

Harness Mounts.

Rear Deflector Plate.

Fuel Cell and Mount, Custom Filler Neck, -10 AN Outlet.

Battery Mount, Ignition Tray and Mounts.

Front and Rear Motor Mounts for BBC.

Solid Rear Motor Mounts, Saddles and Clamps on front.

Multi Piece Aluminium Body, Aero Lip on bottom.

Fiberglass Nose Piece.

Scratchproof Moulded Tinted Lexan Screen.

Countersunk Aluminium Dzus Fasteners throughout.

Reinforced Wiring Slots in Chassis Rails.

Tabs for Brake Lines, Electrical Panel, Fuel Pump, Master Switch, Cables.

Earth Studs on Chassis, Weight Bar Mounts.

Belly Pan Mounts.

Exit Handles on Roll Cage.

Chassis ready for Paint or Powder Coat.


Total Price     £9995 + Vat.


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