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Dragster Stage 2

Stage 2 of our Dragster Package contains:


Strange Aluminium Centre Section, Pro Gear, 35 Spline Spool, 1350.

Strange 35 Spline Race Axles, H/D Bearings, 5/8” Stud Kit.

Strange Race Disc Brake kit, Slotted Rotors, Calipers and Pads.

Master Cylinder, Adapters, RPV. Hard Line, Flex Lines, T piece.

Low Friction Throttle cable, Clips and Rod End.

2 x Low Friction Battery Shut off Cables, Clips, Knobs and Rod Ends.

Parachute, Parachute Cable, Lever, Clip and Clevis.

Battery Master Shut off Switch and Billet Arm.

Aluminium Radiator with 14” Fan and Shroud, Vibration Mounts.

Transmission Cooler and Vibration Mounts.

H/D Propshaft with Strange Billet Yoke, 1350 UJs, U Bolts.

Choice of  Weld V Series, Alumastar or Magnum Wheels.

Front  17” x 2.5”, Rear  15” x15”.

Hoosier Tyres.

Front  22” x 2.5”-17”, Rear  33” x 16” -15”.

All Necessary Fasteners.


Individual Price Total      £7480 + Vat.

Package Price Total        £6750 + Vat.


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